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 Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Speaks In Mandarin And Surprises Everyone
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Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Speaks In Mandarin And Surprises Everyone

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Mark Zuckerberg showed off his Mandarin speaking skills at the Q&A in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

A: Hello, everybody. [unintelligible] I'm very glad to be in Beijing, I love this city. My Chinese is really bad, but let's try it in Chinese anyways. (more or less what he's saying) I might need practice.

Q: Mark, everyone is amazed than you can speak Chinese, why did you want to learn it?

A: This is quite interesting. There's 3 reasons - No.2, 1: My wife is Chinese. Her family speaks Chinese, her grandma only speaks Chinese. So, I'd like to speak with them. One day this year Priscilla and I decided to get married. So I told the grandmother in Chinese, much to her surprise.

No.2: I want to learn Chinese culture, China is a great country. Learning the language helps me learn about the culture, therefore I'm learning the language.

No.3: Mandarin is really hard! I only speak English, but I really like the challenge.

Q: Well then let's give Mark a challenge, I'll be using Chinese. How many times have you been to China?

A: Four times, four times. I've been to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin.

Q: Tianjin??? Why Tianjin?

A: When I was in Beijing, I wanted to ride a very fast train. Also I wanted to visit Huo Yuan Jia's ancestral home. (I think this is right)

Q: So Mark is a huge fan of Huo Yuan Jia, and wanted to visit his ancestral home. Which city is your favorite?

A: All of them. Probably my favorite is Beijing, there's so much history.

Q: What are your plans during this visit to China?

A: Umm, sorry...

Q: DO YOU HEAR THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH? What are your plans during this visit to China?

A: This week I attended the TsingHua School of Economics and Management Advisory Board Meeting. (OK, impressive to remember all that.) Things I remember about the meeting: I think that TsingHua's students are great! 140+ Tsinghua alumnus, including you! (points at host) Next year, we're going to employ the best students (?) from China. Just last month we hired 20 Chinese students.

Q: (To reiterate Mark) Yes, last month we just hired 20 Chinese students, and they'll start to work at Facebook tomorrow. (?)

A: Right.

Q: Now, can you tell us why you've attended the TsingHua School of Economics and Management Advisory Board Meeting?

A: No.1 I'd like to thank Dean Chien, and it's an honor to attend. Education is very important to me. In the U.S. I've done many things to support Education. I like-I mean-attending this meeting is a good opportunity to learn how to support education in China.

Q: Word, Mark is mah dawg, and is totally into education in China. This month you also went other countries, what was the purpose of your itinerary?

A: I've visited Indy-India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. We'd like to help (omg this will be difficult)

We'd like to help the Chinese people to use the internet. Today, most of the world, 65%, about 5 Billion people do not have internet access. Some people, about 15% do not have internet access. Some people, about 30% have never used the internet. Most people that haven't used the internet don't even know why they need it. (I have ceased to care if this chunk of text is accurate anymore.)

If you ask me-sorry-If I ask you, if you don't have a computer, phone or internet, If I ask you if you want to use the internet, you just might ask me: Why would I need to use the internet? Sooo, there's a lot of problems. But we need to, want to-I'm sorry-something something opportunity and economic development. Very important.

Q: Mark's got a giant hard-on for connecting the world. Just when did said hard-on materialize?

A: Well I'll tell ya, back in 2004 I happened to break both of my arms, and Facebook 1.0 was born. It was to connect all Harvard students. I always wanted something that connected the whole world, but nothing was adequate. (I'm kind of guessing, Mark is making my ears bleed at this point.) I remember when I was a university student, every year-I'm sorry-every night when I eat pizza with friends and talk about the future, ya know, one day after I established 1.0, I was telling my friend that I was very glad to establish connecting between students, but what about da world amirite? But we're just students. There's massive companies with a lot of employees and users and we were just students. Other companies didn't believe but we did, and now we have 1.3 billion users. My e-penis is literally this big.


Q: Mark, you are a beautiful, beautiful man, and I would literally just die if you cradled me right now. Mark, there's a lot of student's here that would like to establish their own companies. What advice would you give them?

A: Umm, establish companies? Umm, I feel that the best companies aren't started because the founder just wanted to start a company, but rather that because the founder wanted to change the world. If you decide to start a company, you might start to develop your 1st idea. You might employ many employees. But you might have a lot of ideas, and not know which idea is the best. If your 1st idea is not good, then your company is no good. But if you decide to change the world, then don't you develop more ideas, if any idea is really good, then you establish the company.

Q: That's just tremendous, Mark is saying to start a company only when you have a good idea. So what was your secret during the building of Facebook, and don't say Head and Shoulders.

A: Basically never give up, never surrender. Starting a company is difficult, some of it won't go well. Sometimes you have to fire some bitches.


A: All difficult things. So if you don't believe in your mission, then it's easy to give up. Most founders give up, but the best ones don't. So belief in your mission and not giving up is very important.

Q: So, you can be considered as one of the most successful founders. What are your thoughts on Chinese innovation?

A: I think that China has some of the most innovative companies in the world. Last night I had dinner with XiaoMi in Beijing. Is that right? XiaoMi is a very innovative company! They quickly develop many products and are really cheap. I think they'll grow very fast. Praises various Chinese companies. I feel that China has some of the most innovative companies in the world wide world.

Q: You heard it here first, folks. Mark thinks that our companies are the bomb. So here I am about to ask Mark some questions about China, and hope not to get fired in the process. (He actually is saying this.)

What are Facebook's plans in China?

Mark consumes water much to the audiences delight

A: I mean-we're already in China! We've helped Chinese companies increase their amount of foreign customers. They've used Facebook ads to get more customers. Take for instance, Lenovo in Indonesia using FB ads to sell their new cellphones I forgot-[unintelligible]-right. So, um, in China I've seen economic development-It's-it's amazing! So we want to connect other parts of the world to China. Like-something something Chinese culture.

Q: Mark totally handled that difficult question. Now for more casual and personal questions. 1st question, what's your favorite color?

A: I can't see red or green, because Facebook is blue.

Q: What Chinese food do you like?

A: Hmm, I like the snacks from the side streets and also roast duck.

Q: OMG AMAZING. What are your activities outside of work?

A: LOL, I don't have time outside of work. Priscilla and I like to cook.

Q: I remember you have a pet?

A: We have a german shepard named Beast. It's so lovely, I love it.

Q: And gave Beast its own FB page?

A: Yeah, I made Beast's FB page, and its got 2 Million fans.

Q: Next question is tough, who's better at Chinese, you or Priscilla?

A: I can say more words in Mandarin, but she also speaks Cantonese. Also she has a much better ear, my listening capabilities are really bad. One day I asked why I was so bad as listening in Chinese, and she said: Your listening capabilities in English are also bad!


Q: Really, really thanks to Mark. Next we'll let the Dean do his thing.

Various things said

A: To the second question: I was very lucky, I never decided to leave school. Harvard students can choose to pause their studies. Extablishing Facebook 1.0 and my 2nd year of studies was just too much, so I was very lucky to be able to halt my studies. I'm actually still a Harvard student. Sometimes the head of Harvard tells me: "Hey, you can still come back." But right now it won't be possible to go back. Regarding your 1st question about our biggest challenge: 2012 we made the company (not sure what he's saying, if someone can help that would be great) growth was slow, revenue growth was slow, and everyone was upset. But we changed the company to (that something) and now we have over a billion+ users that use FB and phones.

Another question

A: Umm, this year FB is ten years old.

Everyone: Ten years old? Ten years old. Ten years old? Ten years old. Ten years old? Ten years old.

A: YES! Alright. Umm, so our next ten years, what will we develop? I think we will develop 3 things.

No.1: We want to connect the world, and also blow up the moon. I can't emphasize enough about how just how much we'd like to do that. Plus I could be wrong, but wasn't it Confucius that said: "Fuck the moon."? Oh yeah, and we would also like to help everyone use the internet.

No.2: We want to develop artificial intelligence. I feel that in 10 years, computers will be more superior to humans in all perceivable ways. So we're developing that.

No.3: After phones, I believe that the next platform is virtual reality. Oculus is the first stage, but we hope to have more stages. (I think that's what he meant.)

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